A new medium

I have tried to blog a number of times, and each article takes me days and days of proofreading and pouring over each work to ensure that the flow of the articles is to my liking. Whereas once start a Twitter thread, I drop into a stream of consciences and simply put my thoughts into small, bite-sized pieces of content. Maybe it's the nature of the medium, where a blog feels like an article that requires a higher level of precision of language, or maybe the nature of the bird app is such that I can just throw words onto the page and send it out feeling no pressure to elevate it. I feel like for this venture I need to live in a world where I set the expectations for myself more like Twitter, but put them into a longer form. Hell, very few people will likely read this anyways, more people read my tweets and I toss them over the fence with reckless abandon.

My goal here is to capture a much more verbose version of my Twitter feed, from Path of Exile to programming and politics, this will be my new sounding board as we watch the bird app descend into the depths of hell.